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Offering a wide range of Video-Audio-Multimedia, Computer, CCTV, CATV & Power Supply Equipments, Accessories and Service Support Systems such as Video Distribution Amplifier, Audio Distribution Amplifier, Modulates, Splitters, DIR Couplers, Equalizers, Video Audio Distributors, Video Enhancers & Selectors, Converters, Adapter Couplers, Switchers, Cables, etc....

About Us

In today's world, audio, video and other multimedia and computer equipments and accessories have become indispensable in many fields such as schools, colleges, lectures, conferences, hotels, etc. This is mainly due to the lively, vivid, detailed and attention grabbing interface that they provide to enhance the flow of information and data between two or more persons and organisations. This is immensely beneficial for all parties involved in a modern information and knowledge driven society.

Established in 1992, Mark Systems designs & manufactures a comprehensive range of Accessories and Service Support Systems. We are a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of HDMI Splitters, VGA Splitters, Video Splitters, Video Switchers, Video Converters, PAL-NTSC Video Converters, HD – SDI Converters, Fiberoptics, Distribution Amplifiers, Video Scalers etc. In addition, we are also a service provider offering all types of technical solutions and after-sales service support to our customers.  At present, we are catering to the demands of domestic market.

Mark Systems has been set up by professionals & technicians with more than Twenty years of practical experience of the field. The company has also been developing various creative solutions in video, audio and computer signal management through advanced research and development for total customer satisfaction. Mark Systems is a trusted solution provider for all small, medium and big corporate houses  with commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. We always follow transparent business ethics to strengthen our position in the industry. Our clients are ensured that we would always perform in the best manner to deliver them the best and cost effective electronic products and services.

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